We signed up with Vitera for EHR services 1 year ago with the promise from them that they would have us live by Dec2012. In Nov12, when they knew they were nowhere close to starting and after a dozen phone calls and emails that they never returned, we were able to get a new project manager assigned.

In Nov12, she promised that they would be ready to go with software training completed within 7 weeks. To further that, they claimed the delays causing them to miss the Dec12 date were the fault of our billing company, when in fact Vitera had fired 4 long time implementation personnel in favor of hiring kids out of college that didnt know the first thing about the product. In any case, fast forward several dozen excuses and it was April2013 and still they had done nothing other than connect our office to out billers office via VPN. The deal said they were to install the software on our computers, but rather they decided to have us use Remote Desktop to reach a remote server at another Vitera clients office.

In any case, that connection never worked and would fall down day after day. As a result, our staff was unable to train with their trainer because we could not access the software...throughout this 4 week troublshooting process the Vitera project manager blamed the hardware at our office because (and to quote), "you (we) did not purchase the hardware thru Vitera". In the end, they finally figured out that the people they (Vitera) sent out to install the VPN, had installed it incorrectly. This was a final straw and we cancelled our deal with them after 10 long long months with nothing other than us paying them $29k.

At this point they claim no wrong doing and are not in breach of a contract that says they will deliver software and licenses to our location, and deliver 100+ hours of training-- they delivered no software and training (roughly 7 hours) was little more than watching a demo. We are in the process of filing litigation aganist Vitera-- DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE-- THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO COMMUNICATE INTERNALLY, AND IN NO WAY CAN THEY DO SO EXTERNALLY TO THEIR CLIENTS, TREATING CLIENTS LIKE THEY ARE THERE ONLY TO PAY VITERA

Monetary Loss: $29000.

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